As the Content Director, Editor-In-Chief, and Managing Editor of some of the most innovative new media ventures, created by some of the most recognized companies and media personalities on the web, I've had the opportunity to learn the critical success hinge factors — both key obstacles to overcome and leverage points for scale in reaching audiences online. Specifically I can help you with:

New Media Strategy Consulting

  • Content: sharpening your organization's storytelling niche, voice, and strategy

  • Customer Development: understanding the audience and needs you’re targeting

  • Staffing requirements

  • Social media strategy

  • Audience engagement both online and offline

  • Best practices for reaching a Millennial audience

  • Innovation strategies to keep teams inspired and experimenting

Editing & Writing 

  • Pop culture essays, profiles, interviews, and reviews

  • Personal essays

  • Opinion pieces

  • News stories

  • Road trips & guides

  • Health and wellness articles

  • Trend stories

  • Live event reviews

  • Copywriting